Armored Evolution

Experience fast-paced adrenaline-fueled combat with your customized Avatar wielding your unique weapon load-out.  Play solo or with friends on Steam today!



Armored Evolution is an arena-style top-down arcade shooter where you fight through waves of enemies solo or with friends. Experience the fast-paced adrenaline-fueled combat as you control your customized Avatar wielding your unique weapon load-out.

Core System: Cores are upgradeable weapons that allow you to use different abilities. As you play through the game you can find or spend credits to acquire different cores to customize your play-style and explode your enemies!

Avatars: Choose from numerous vehicles each with different strengths, allowing you to customize your method of destruction.




Cores are the abilities and weapons used in Armored Evolution. There are 4 types of Cores.  Your Avatar holds a slot for each type.

Artillery Cores

The bread and butter of any build, artillery cores have a high clip size, low cool-down, and deal a fair amount of damage.


Hull Cores

Hull cores deal more damage then Artillery Cores at the cost of a longer cool downs and a much smaller clip sizes. In addition they have powerful effects such as increased AOE or piercing.

Tech Cores

While these cores don't deal any damage, they empower your other abilities and avatar.  A quick speed boost to escape a tight spot or a grappling orb to put your enemies into one, will be vital for your success.

Ultimate Cores

Ultimate cores are the most powerful abilities offered in Armored Evolution.  Ultimate Cores have no cool down but instead require a resource to activate. Build this resource by dealing damage with other abilities or picking up drops.